Providing IT solutions

Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Support

Ideasoft S.R.L is an Information Technology company with expertise in IT solutions, including analysis, design, development, implementation and support.

Staff has a wide range of knowledge and a lot of experience in information technology, in the following areas: ERP, system integration, e-government, public administration, software development, databases, technical assistance.

We strive to provide clear, natural and simple solutions.

We think we have the following values:

  • -customer focused and solutions driven

  • -analytical ability and attention to detail

  • -pursuit to clear and sample solutions

  • -good evaluation of human, material and time resources

  • -strong software development background

  • -excellent problem solving skills


What we offer


Understanding the organization structure and dynamics in which a IT system is to be deployed.

Assuring the proper communication beetwen business engineering and software engineering community.


Describing what the IT system should do and allows the developers and the customer to agree on that description

The boundaries of the system. Estimating resources to develop the system.


Describing how the IT system will be realized in the implementation phase.

Translating requirements into specification that describes how to implement the system.


Testing the developed components as units.

Integrating the results produced by individual implementers into executable.


Verifying the interaction beetwen objects and the proper integration of all components of the software.

Identify and ensure that defects are corrected prior to the deployment of the software. Verifying that al requirements have been correctly implemented.


Delivering the software to its end users.

Providing help and assistance to users.

Migration of existing software or data.


What we have created



Web application. Available on the website above, the application provide support for mutually beneficial deals between sellers and buyers.

The site services focus mainly on delivery the Special offers, Promotions and Discounts of the sellers to buyers (customers), and to satisfy the buyers needs.

The application has complete interfaces in three languages.

For details please visit the website on the above address.



Integrated accounting system. It is a client-server application consisting of modules: General Accounting, Payments, Stock, Salaries and Fixed Assets.

Other features: real-time application, multi-user, local network and Internet customers, flexible and automatic account assignment, expenditure and revenue cost centers, user roles, authentication, secure transactions over the Internet.

Works under Romanian law. For details please contact us.



Teachers allocation program to committees and subcommittees of baccalaureat.

It is for the County School Inspectorates of Romania. The program has a random allocation algorithm, which comply with the imposed restrictions, rationalizations and allocation order.

Other features: flexibility in data entry, complete final allocation lists with exportable content to Excel tables.

For details please contact us.


Contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Company name: S.C. IDEASOFT S.R.L.

Address: Miercurea Ciuc, Aleea Ciocîrliei 4/A/9, 530164 ROMÂNIA

Telefon: +40 744 540118


O.R.C. registration number: J19/474/1993

Tax number : RO4075510

Corporate funds: 1000 RON